Welcome to ESEB 2022 Congress.

Given the current situation, the organizers
decided to postpone the 2021 congress by a year to 2022.


Welcome to the ESEB 2022 congress, to be held at the Prague Congress Centre, the Czech Republic, on 14-19 August 2022.

The congresses of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB) are organized biennially since 1987 and are now among the largest conferences in evolutionary biology with about 1400 – 1700 participants.

The congress will commence on Sunday, August 14, 2022, with the welcome reception, and will continue until Friday, August 19, concluding with the conference dinner at Občanská Plovárna Restaurant on this evening.

The Prague Congress Centre is easily accessible from the city centre and has a beautiful panoramic view of Prague.  

We understand the difficulties connected with the current pandemic situation; however, we hope that there will be possible to have the conference as much "physical" as possible to allow in person meetings. Up to now, we do not plan an actual virtual/hybrid conference. Concerning the environmental issues connected with travelling, wherever possible, we recommend to use a public transport, Prague has a good train connection with many European countries.

Photo: Lukas Kratochvil, Congress Chair

Lukáš Kratochvíl
Congress Chair



The aim of the logo is to symbolize the activities of ESEB members, life evolution and their connection to the Czech Republic.

In the “B”, the eye symbolizes an animal and the leaf a plant, i.e. highly studied organisms by evolutionary biologists. Concerning the tree circles, their different colours symbolize variability among organisms in a population and the circles as a whole memorialize peas, the object of J. G. Mendel, who worked in this region.

Important dates

22.4.2022 End of call for contributed talks/posters
15.6.2022 End of early bird registration to the meeting
14. – 19. 8. 2022 ESEB 2022 Congress

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    Please read all the important information before your trip to the congress, you can find it HERE 

  • Evolution societies meet to discuss global issues

    The European Society of Evolutionary Biology (ESEB) is inviting evolution societies organized at the national and international levels for a discussion meeting during the ESEB 2022 Congress.

    The goal is to tackle current issues that our communities are facing and possible joint actions that can be taken. Potential topics include the teaching of evolution, open access policies, and problems facing the Global South such as visa restrictions, helicopter science, and brain drain. The ESEB invitation was sent out to the presidents of 39 societies across the world.

    In case your society haven’t received an invitation but would like to participate, your representative is welcome to join us on Tuesday August 16, 2022, at 18.30 CEST, at Vinicna 7 Street, Prague
    (https://goo.gl/maps/SuT7zWQJ4kDL2u7dA) or contact Ute Friedrich (office@eseb.org) to attend virtually.    

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